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Egypt/Peru/Bolivia/Mexico get in touch with(posted on internet site (see beneath) on 04-01-2004)Egypt is actually a title originating from Greek Ægyptus. In historical instances the name was Khem or Kam meaning "dark" or "black". The truth is the Egyptians portrayed themselves with red or black pores and skin. Arabs keep in mind the name in the region getting Al Misri. It's the same account of Genesis 10:six inside the Bible: Mizraim, Kam (Ham)'s son. In Hebrew the identify indicates "country developed by geometric plan" and in the Bible is actually a reference to all Mizraim's lineage mingled along with his brother Shem's offspring and disperse close to the planet (Ezekiel 29:12, 13; thirty:23; Jeremiah 25:19). The location of gold inside the Bible was called Opir (an inverted sound of Piro/Piroa/Peru, the land of gold), Occupation 28:1-6; 1 Kings nine:28; Isaiah 13:12. Can it be a mere coincidence both international locations, Peru Egypt, used equivalent architectural method which was melting on the stone as it is advised in Maurice Cotterell's investigation of the steel hooks that happen to be not convex, and there's no steel fissure in between the stones since it can be predicted while in the pressure of fluid metal poured? The perform of Professor Davidovits, the American architect Pierre Protzen and Peruvian Dr. Red juntcha liquidifies stones and iron and is particularly utilized by woodpecker referred to as Pito (Colaptus pitius) to drill the stones with its beak through its saliva fermenting the plant. Metallic matrixes had been most likely found in the condition of J, U or V. Stones were picked 1 by one in Peru, specially the Andahuaylillas since the rough texture suits much better in between blocks. The hooks inserted on the megalithic stones could not hold them in a zone impacted by earthquakes, they would've damaged like cookies; they'd the purpose to charge electrically the properties to your ground. Some of them were manufactured from nickel and copper alloy requiring a 1927 °C temperature we only achieved in 1930 though they ended up making use of it 1000's of several years in the past. Plato pointed out the Atlantis steel as getting oricalco that's just an additional way to say Inka's and Aymara's qoricollque. In the Bible he was a character whose brother was Hevila. Though they were Noah's descents, Hevila actually will be the place of Eden, the land of gold (Genesis two:11 the north face, twelve) and it truly is described Euphrates inside the text. Both ended up Pheleg's nephews (Genesis 10:25-29), a title who's a memory of literal division from the Earth in Hebrew account (Pangea's special and split continent?). We will need to bear in mind in Quechua language of Incas, area and time are actually the identical an unique phrase "pacha" although inside the Bible the superstring concept is linked to Orion and Pleiades (Work 38:31), time operates in reverse directions (Isaiah 41:22, 23); and it really is written the world hangs around the nothingness or emptiness in the space (Task 26:seven) until we uncover the graviton particles! The Inkas' mathematic and mnemotechnique program of strings (quipus) have already been when compared with Israelites' blue knots inside the cloths of their priests (tzit tzit) amongst many similarities like language roots, the enchanting of Messiah tune (méshica), the initial fruits feast, the circumcise rite, ingesting of certain fish forbidden, and many others. William Burns Glynn has decoded the Inkas' producing system on the models on their outfits as drawn by Poma de Ayala chronics. This creating named k'elkan was carried out on clothes and banana leaves, on sticks, and many others, and was forbidden while in the instances on the Inca Pirua Ayar Taco Cápac. It had been a consonant-numeral abc pretty much like Hebrew. As being a matter of fact, proto-Sumerian scripture has been found and decoded in Bolivia and Peru. Naïve geologists believe in very poor ways of measuring exercise by the due date -actually not "time"- when Titicaca river was a sea fairly than a lake or if it experienced usage of Atlantic Water, when there were two rivers jogging in reverse directions rather than a single Amazon river. Uniformitarianism dogma suspecting the current should be the key to understand the past is due to the hatred catastrophism concepts. It mingles feathered snake and condor. Yawar Fiesta (feast) is recognized in Peru since the native kinds tie together the condor mounting a bull. This represents a collective memory of the two-headed entity. Ahead of the importation of bulls and cows in Peru, the bull with feline claws and teeth was previously depicted in Monolito Raimondi as well as in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia along with the defenders of orthodox archeology and historical past have nothing at all to state about the myth. Precisely the same might be said regarding the jaguar in Mexico; the winged bulls in Sumerian culture, Babylon, Assyria; the Chinese reptile dragon as well as the white tiger; the Hindu deities with four faces and giving choice to monkeys, lions, tigers, reptiles and calves; the Egyptian sphinx and their 740 major animal-gods. Neither Jung nor Freud defined why gentlemen choose archetypes or universal symbols how we do, utilizing weird fusion of animals. They could only guess they're important for our sanity and consciousness. We can't even duplicate in the lab the goal oniric knowledge of goals though regarded as "subjective" by our ignorance and incompetence over and above checking the rapid movements in the eyes, the micro-cycles have a diverse time from dream-time. However will get small rain womens north face, stones appear eroded by h2o and you will find statues of stegosaurus, penguins the north face outlet, walruses, Egyptian Taweret hippopotamus-crocodile-lioness goddess and baboon god Toth, an Egyptian sphinx, prehistoric crocodiles and turtles, a bearded Persian profile, fortress, stone forest, faces of many races, African lion, camels, horses, seals and so forth. Triangular plates while in the again of one of such sculptures are created of various stone. Tests by European scientists have unveiled they have been "mortared" into spot but there are no clues about composition even though the erosion suggests ancient moments. The figures will not be fashioned like statues nonetheless they "hide" depending on the observation perspective within a match of shadows and light. They are sculpted sort in gentle -on dioritic porphory volcanic rock as difficult as obsidian- becoming "alive" in solstices throughout June or December and specific hours. Peruvian with Palestinian origin, Walid Abraham Ode, uncovered the shadows of the Inka and cougar while in the Sacred Village, the Pitusiray mountain, yearly in spring equinox, last days of September. The chronics of Huamán Poma de Ayala ended up accurate about the legends in the uturrunco cougar turned into Inka. The spot alone seems like Martian ambiance a tad just like the Valley of the Moon in Bolivia but much more extraordinary. The freezing temperature, the climbing between large cactus with the form of eco-friendly tarantulas, the midst and literal stepping on clouds over 4000 meters upon sea degree, the peculiar see. All type of bizarre encounters come about there. Cherubs with strange fusion of animals and individuals materialize from interior measurements and seem to be trapped in stone dungeons (like Pandora's box, Aladin's lamp, Titans in the cage of Tartarus like Chronus-Time, Enoch's Dudael desert reference to Watchers stored on a place, and many others), UFOs sightings and transport to time have been documented. This can be as peculiar as being the other space-time portal or Stargate-Babilu 34 km from Puno, Peru, referred to as Aramu Muro. His arrogant behavior was in contrast with Tyrus king. In Hebrew "Tyrus" signifies "sharp rock" (pyramid?) and was also the name of Mars in Phoenicia. Tyrus was subordinate to Sidon (Cydonia) for a lot of many years. Interesting may be the depth offered by the prophet in verse twenty "turn the Experience against Sidon". The Egyptian sphinx -in another hand- is also a cherub who mingles a combination of bull's tail, human experience, lion entire body and also the sides illuminated to point out up wings of the falcon. A reference to constellations and Egyptian gods like Apis, Hathor, Bubastis, etc. In Egypt, the sphinx is near the pyramids whilst on Mars surface area, the confront with tooth (the monument is 400 meters substantial and two.5 km extended, 1 km width) is also near to two pair of pyramids north face backpacks, the larger kinds currently being 800 meters peak and three km the sides. The math spiral is connected to hyperdimensions, the angle of Martian tetrahedron in Cydonia is .3333 along with the placement of the confront associated to pyramids is additionally the Egyptian Eye of Ra. In fact, there is another total sphinx on Mars laying before a pyramid-peak. They've got been using infrared filters within their cameras to offer the impression Mars is more red than actually is and also to conceal the blue and eco-friendly images. The sky is "martianized". Recent stones shown in photographs appeared like artifacts of a jigsaw puzzle and geologist R. Nicks have discovered at the very least 24 anomalies in NASA body 80881. Pictures of tube crystals, "Inkas" terrace and constructions, Hebrew and Arabic letters, trees, T-forms, dunes, fortress and "mining" locations, Orion maps, Mexican faces, cougar models on Martian area can be found on internet. The photograph they allowed to be presented in publications and by television set satellites close to the planet displaying the "face" as eroded mountain the truth is is eroded synthetic human-animal encounter. The nice Pyramid provides a vacuum or hollow impact on one of its faces when the The sun's rays through the West strikes the North face at sunset. Specifically on solstices and equinoxes. In Marcahuasi, Peru, the 3 story tall monument named "Face of Humanity" ages into an outdated guy as the Sun travels westerly. That is a way, Daniel Ruzo, attributed for the Masmas. Because Revelations 8:5-12 indicates 24 hours-day could be decreased to third portion, we will need to lessen eight hrs to envision our potential working day will only final sixteen hours if Mars is affected or wrecked by Earth's gravity. The dragon Leviatan in the Bible has become viewed as the Ouroborus snake eating its tail the north face coats. That's the Milky Way whose Greek clock "aión" can be a cycle ending in a cataclysmic destruction appearing each Platonic year, twenty five,920 years. The mouth swallows its tail around Sagitarius. Sagitarius' head in Assyria was equivalent to Nergal (Mars) and it absolutely was depicted really considerably like Martian eroded "face". Uncovered historic maps and writings show the actual ruins of four on the 7 Historic Miracles of the world which were thought to have vanished through the earth. The secrets hidden within people Wonders explode the extremely foundations of what we believed we knew regarding the world and where we experienced occur from. Listed because of the Dallas Community Faculties as being a "must read," WHEN ROCKS CRY OUT ties jointly riddles from your Previous Testament with ruins of abandoned metropolitan areas that are hundreds of years old…and thousands of miles away from where we imagined these towns can be. Often reading like a page-turning novel, this could be among essentially the most critical publications created in the last five hundred many years. 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Frequently studying like a page-turning novel, this may be one of probably the most essential textbooks created inside the last 500 a long time north face outlet. From the discovery of Egypt's misplaced historical capital, Memphis, to your spectacular hidden burial city created through the Pharaohs, towards the mystery ruins of King David's famed town, this book moves previous current guarantees about 'codes' and delivers you to your real-life magic formula that was the explosive reason behind the generation on the codes. Da Vinci's Code? Solomon's Important? Individuals clever puzzles cannot reach the significance in the mysteries unraveled on this book. And also the factors in this ebook are actual! WHEN ROCKS CRY OUT ~ it's a ebook for people who have reached a stage inside their lifestyle when they just wish to recognize the truth. Eventually, we could trace where our 'blood' is and what our 'blood' has completed. >Related articles:
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